Blue Trees Sacramento – ASLA Sierra a proud sponsor!

A magnificent living outdoor art project, “The Blue Trees”, will be installed in Sacramento this week and will last approximately six months.  The Blue Trees project is a part of artist Konstantin Dimopoulos’ effort to call attention to global deforestation, and is supported by several local organizations and businesses because of its ability to call attention to Sacramento’s valuable urban forest and the unique benefits of visiting our city.

Twenty mature trees and forty container trees will be colored bright blue by the artist and Sacramento Tree Foundation volunteers. The blue pigment used on the trees is a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly substance that will stay on the trees for up to six months.

Dimopoulos has installed The Blue Trees in Melbourne (2006), Vancouver (2011), Auckland (2011) and Seattle (2012).  Sacramento will be the fifth Blue Trees city before the Dimopoulos takes his project to Gainesville, Florida in late October and Houston in 2013. He is currently in discussions to expand the project to New York, Boston, Liverpool and Vienna.

Be sure to check out the completed exhibit this Saturday as a part of the Second Saturday Art Walk and AIA’s Architecture Festival!

When: Saturday, October 13th – ongoing

Where: 13th Street near the Convention Center

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