Trustee Message: February 2014

KEITHIt is a privilege to serve each of you as our chapter’s new trustee. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the role of trustee, each chapter in ASLA elects a trustee for a term of 3 years to serve as your most direct link with the national activities of the Society. Together, the 48 trustees work to help express the perceptions and needs of our local memberships, as well as assist in representing the profession at large by formulating the policy of the Society. In short, when ASLA is actively participating in any of the myriad of activities and programs you hear about, you can be sure the Board of Trustees has been central to determining its priority, funding and development.

My responsibility to you is to attend our monthly Executive Committee meetings, remain current in local and national activities, and make sure that I am available to discuss your concerns and ideas about how your priorities are being leveraged nationally. At the national level, my responsibility is to balance your ideas, needs and priorities with that of other members, as represented by their trustees. Sometimes our visions merge into priorities that are commonly shared. At other times we have tough decisions to make that we are sure will not please everyone. Having been involved in national leadership over the years, I place a high level of value on that collaborative approach to furthering our collective professional causes. In a way, it mirrors what many of us do in practice on a daily basis with our clients.

As a part of my work as your trustee, I have decided to begin writing a monthly ‘report’ of the most relevant issues the Society is working on for you. This message is the first of those reports. There are some big things happening at ASLA, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you over the coming months. But before I simply throw out a list of the things we are working on, I thought it was important to introduce myself and explain my role as YOUR sounding board to ASLA. As you know, you can decide to take an active or passive role in your membership. Being active myself has lead to personal and professional growth I can’t even begin to explain. I sincerely hope to hear from you. If I can help you stay better informed with these reports, I will consider my efforts worthwhile. If I can help you get more involved, be better heard or get more out of your membership, I welcome the opportunity.


Keith Wilson, ASLA
California Sierra Chapter Trustee