The Executive Committee is elected to service each year by the chapter membership.  Each position is held for one year and committee members must run for and be elected into position each year.  The President-Elect is sworn in at the ASLA Annual Meeting, and the President transitions into Immediate Past-President.  It is at that time [typically October-November] when the rest of the Executive Committee are sworn in and the chapter year begins.  If you are interested in running for an office seat, please contact the membership committee.

Jessica McWilliams, ASLA

Andrew Wickham, ASLA

Sara Bowhay, ASLA

Jim Schubert, ASLA

Maggie Aravena, Associate ASLA

Meredith Branstad, ASLA

Kimberly Garza, ASLA

William Roach, ASLA

Laura Taylor, ASLA

Dalton LaVoie, ASLA

John Nicolaus, FASLA

Jim Schubert, ASLA