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2012 Design Awards

ASLA Sierra Chapter 2012 DESIGN AWARDS ‘Rediscovering Our Landscapes: Legacy Projects

Thank you to all who participated in this year’s Design Competition.

Congratulations to the winning entries from:

Quadriga Landscape Architecture and Planning, Inc.

Design Workshop


Dennis J. Dahlin

Red Leaf Developments, Inc.

View: Video of the photos from the Awards Gala

View Map of 2012 Design Award Winners

This year’s Design Awards competition recognizes projects the profession has contributed to our region that have stood the test of time. Our theme ‘Rediscovering Our Landscapes’ emphasizes the idea of landscape as legacy for us as landscape architects and designers, as well as for the public at large.

The five categories are as follows: Parks/Open Space, Urban Design, Residential Design and Visionary/Unbuilt

All entries must have been constructed prior to 2007.

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