CCASLA Identified Municipal Boards and Commissions for Landscape Architect Applicants

Landscape Architecture Gains More Visibility via Service on Boards and Commissions

Many ASLA Chapter members have served on local boards and commissions which help public agency staff and elected officials understand the value landscape architects bring in developing new public policies concerning water conservation, new building codes impacting landscape design and climate change initiatives.

The process to become appointed to boards and commissions is not difficult since board and commission volunteers come and go throughout the year. Most cities and counties have a page on their website listing both the term expirations for various board members and commissioners and vacancies that become available. Larger cities often give the appointment power to the Mayor and other cities bring board appointments to the full City Council for a vote of the Mayor and City Council.

If you have an interest in joining a municipal board, the Sierra Chapter can send a letter of support to the Mayor and City Council or Board of Supervisors for your appointment. We encourage members to let their local City Councilmember or Supervisor (in the district in which you reside) know that you are applying for an appointment so your councilmember can confirm if there are others competing for an appointment and encourage other Councilmembers and Mayors or County Supervisors to support your appointment.

Be sure to determine who is the appointing authority (Mayor or City Council or Chair of the Board of Supervisors) so you will know who to contact to follow up on your appointment application to confirm its receipt.

The City or County Clerk will be asked to schedule your appointment on an upcoming city/county agenda for a vote of their body. When you find out when the appointment will be heard, be sure to attend that meeting. Local officials often ask appointees to say a few words about their qualifications especially if there is more than one applicant to fill individual Board and Commission vacancies.

The list of cities and the county board and commission opportunities below are a snapshot of the types of Boards that advise City Councils and municipal staff on planning, design, historic preservation and many other fields where landscape architects can play a role in their cities.

Use the links below to view the Board or Commission responsibilities, appointment vacancies and expirations and the appointment online application or forms. If the city you live in is not listed, go to the city or county website and find the Board and Commission appointment information online or contact the City or County Clerk for a list and application.

CCASLA compiled a partial list of Boards and Commissions for each Chapter.  As a starting point, please consider the following:




Boards LA’s may be interested in: Bicycling, Transportation and Street Safety, Civic Arts, Historical Resources Management, Natural Resource, Open Space and Habitat, Planning, Recreation and Park, Tree Commission





Boards LA’s may be interested in: Capitol Area Development Authority, City and County Bicycle Advisory Committee, Natomas Basin Conservancy, Parks & Recreation Commission, Planning & Designing Commission, Preservation Commission, Sacramento Environmental Commission, Sacramento Heritage Inc. Board of Directors, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission,



Sacramento County



Boards LA’s may be interested in: American River Parkway, Antelope Community Planning Advisory Council, Arden/Arcade Community Planning Commission, Auburn Boulevard Project Area Committee, Carmichael/Old Foothill Farms Community Planning Commission, Carmichael Recreation and Park District, City/County Bicycle Advisory Committee, Community Planning Advisory Councils, Cordova Community Planning Advisory CouncilCosumnes Area Community Planning Advisory Council, County Planning Commission, Fair Oaks Community Planning Commission, Franklin/Laguna Community Planning Advisory Council , Mission Oaks Recreation & Park District, Natomas Community Planning Advisory Council, North Highlands/Foothill Farms Community Planning Advisory Council, Orangevale Community Planning Advisory Council, Project Review Committee, Recreation and Park Commission, Regional Transit District, Rio Linda-Elverta Community Planning Commission, Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency, Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD), Sacramento Commission of History and Science, Sacramento Environmental Commission, Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Sacramento Transportation Authority, South Sacramento Area Community Planning Advisory Council, Southeast Area Community Planning Advisory Council,
Stockton Boulevard Redevelopment Advisory Committee, Sunrise Recreation and Park District, Vineyard Area Community Planning Advisory Council.

Planning Commission Application Link –

All Other Commissions Application Link -


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