Andrew tenBrink of James Corner Field Operations will be discussing the recent and significant investments cities are making in the public realm through public/private partnerships, and the impact these partnerships have on design. He will explore case studies giving evidence to these investments, and examine the role Landscape Architecture can play in stewarding this genre of project forward through several of James Corner Field Operation’s projects.

Andrew will explore the complexity of these projects – often involving many public agencies, partnerships with private entities, intricate phasing efforts and coordination between a multitude of design professions – and will suggest how these generational public/private investments in the city offer a chance to reshape the evolving way we interact in urban environments. In this exploration, he will unpack how Field Operations approaches three critical aspects of these projects which he calls, “Imagining Futures”, “Projecting Futures” and “Staging Futures”.

The title of the lecture, “Landscape Futures” encapsulates the perpetual, interim stage in which landscape lives. Unlike most aspects of architecture or engineering, it is never in a finish state; from representation, to public outreach to implementation, it is constantly evolving at every stage of the project.

Attendance is free, but room is limited, so register soon!