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You can join CA Sierra Chapter when you enroll for ASLA National Membership.  Chapter dues are required for U.S. residents. Apply online or through the mail.


Full Membership is open to individuals with a degree in landscape architecture and/or licensed to practice landscape architecture AND has three or more years of professional experience.
Associate members are graduates from a landscape architecture program with less than three years professional experience. National dues start at $173 for the first year followed by a graduated dues structure through the third year of membership; automatically upgraded to full membership after third year. 
Open to students enrolled in an accredited landscape architecture program or a program recognized by ASLA, leading to a BLA or MLA or certificate in landscape architecture. Includes a one-year digital subscription to LAM.
Open to students enrolled in an unaccredited landscape architecture program or related course of study, or students considering a career in landscape architecture. Includes a one-year digital subscription to LAM
Landscape architects who have earned a degree in landscape architecture, or are recognized by a government entity to practice landscape architecture, outside North America.
Individuals who do not hold a degree in or a license to practice landscape architecture but are employed in a related discipline OR a supplier/manufacturer of products/services to the profession. 
Any company that supplies landscape architecture products or services is eligible for corporate membership.

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If you are a current member, please be sure to renew your membership.