44th Ave Pop-Up Park

We hosted the 44th Avenue Pop Up Park Event on June 12, 2016 and it was a great success!!! Over 200 people came out to enjoy the temporary park. Volunteers and sponsors were busy from open to close and there was a great response from the local residents, especially the children who came out to help paint the street on Saturday, set up at 7 am on Sunday morning, and even clean up afterwards. There may even be some future landscape architects in the bunch! Local news channel KCRA 3 came out and did a story on the event giving the public even more exposure to landscape architecture.


The 44th Avenue cul-de-sac links to a pedestrian bridge over Highway 99 that more than 250 Pacific Elementary students use daily. The street improvement project, coming later in that summer, improved public safety by renovating sidewalks, increasing lighting, improving fencing and adding a center median with drought-tolerant landscaping. The California Sierra Chapter and its partners designed the event to build excitement in the surrounding community about the future project planned at the site. Temporary pop-up events are gaining momentum nationwide as grass-roots exercises in community building, public outreach and the importance of quality public spaces in our daily lives. This event was the first of several for the Chapter in 2016. The goals of this pop-up park were:

  • to inspire community ownership, awareness and pride for the project area
  • to solicit ideas from the children and community for a potential future art installation at the site
  • to gather input about a future pedestrian bridge replacement project being considered by Caltrans

The event could not have happened without generous support from the following: County Supervisor Patrick Kennedy (District 2), Southgate Recreation and Park District, Sacramento County Department of Transportation, Village Nurseries, The Franklin Neighborhood Development Corporation, Unseen Heroes, Kompan, Sacramento County Probation Department, Sacramento County Sheriff Department, Pacific Elementary, CalTrans, wickFILMS (videography) and Stantec (photography). And of course – the generous donation of our sponsors along with the time and effort from ASLA Sierra Chapter member volunteers, their friends, and family. Thank you to everyone that helped make this event a success!

Photo credit: Andrew Wickham, ASLA

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